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Accelerator for ShipConstructor
As a member of ShipConstructor Development Network (SCDN) , Seanaptic Ltd UK is proud to announce the release of  the Accelerator for ShipConstructor module developed in close collaboration with SSI Corporate.
Combining the rapidity of the parametric design in Seanaptic, the flexibility of Rhino3D and the precision and cutting edge technology of ShipConstructor, the Accelerator has the potential to radically improve the ship design process by exponentially decreasing the man-hours invested in each project with no compromise on the quality.
Seanaptic has the capacity to rapidly model full ship structures in preliminary and basic design stages, then the Accelerator for ShipConstructor can directly export it to ShipConstructor to be refined into the production model. Thousands of structural elements can be parametrically generated by Seanaptic within a very short number of days or even hours which can be directly transferred to ShipConstructor, thus saving hundreds or even thousands of detail design hours with a simple press of a button!
A few simple steps to follow:
  • Complete the Seanaptic structural model
  • Create an empty ShipConstructor project and upgrade it to EntreprisePlatform 
  • Set the User Permissions to "Allowed" for "Genesis Connector" / "Enable EnterprisePlatform" and "Run PublisherLT"
  • Make sure all profiles used in Seanaptic are present in the Profile Stock in ShipConstructor
  • Close the SC project
  • Press "Export" in Seanaptic under the Project node / Export Data tab and follow the Export status
  • Re-open the ShipConstructor project and run "Model and System Quick" to generate all the drawings
The result appears native to ShipConstructor because it is in fact built by ShipConstructor based on the parametric parts definition exported by Seanaptic via the powerful SSI Genesis API.
The interface is intuitive and the preparation setting in ShipConstructor is minimal.
Start a 3 months trial today or contact us for more information. 
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